Warming hearts, making S’mores

We hit the road with Hershey’s to share a little sweetness and inspire human connections.

consumers gather around a giant fire to make S'mores
Mouth-watering photo of Hershey's chocolate melting under graham cracker and over a toasted marshmallow. A giant fire is behind the S'mores

Experience Design
Sensorial Technology
Connected Activations
Behavioral Intelligence
Purposeful Partnerships

The sweetest tour of the year.
An ordinary sampling program wouldn’t cut it.

When Hershey’s launched a campaign that was all about warming hearts, we knew we couldn’t just hand out samples. Our nationwide tour brought S’mores beyond the campfire—and brought people together, as only Hershey’s can.

the story we made

A mom and her son hold a marshmallow over a heat plate using a skewer
Cooking S’mores.

Guests could get a premade S’more or pick up ingredients at the counter, then enjoy the timeless, communal experience of cooking S’mores together.

Two young children play a S'mores themed game together
Connecting with each other.

We added conversation starters on every plate, set up oversized games like “Connect S’more” and featured an instantly Instagrammable photo op.

Well-oiled machines.

The tour stopped at dozens of family-focused events across the country. GMR planned it all and handled the logistics: permits, DOT compliance, food storage and much more.

Hershey's S'mores yellow branded trailer driving down the open road
Two female Hershey's brand ambassadors smiling behind the counter
Brand ambassadors.

Our in-house staffing agency hired and trained over 200 people who worked on the tour. We found qualified candidates for highly specialized roles, even in small towns.

Group of brand ambassadors posing with the life size s'more



S’mores served per hour, or 2 per minute—S’mores aren’t exactly a speedy treat so that’s saying something!


event activation days at 27 tour stops

66% of visitors said they planned to make S’mores with their family and friends more often—in fact, they intended to do it twice as often.


of visitors said they enjoyed the experience

It took a wide range of skills to execute a project of this complexity.

Market research & insights

Graphic & environmental design 

3D rendering 

Video production & editing 

Event tracking & analytics 

Product showcasing & sampling 

Experiential fabrication & consulting 

Event logistics 

Staffing & training 

Field management

And many more