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The experience industry has never had an accepted or universal way to measure ROI.

Five years on and thousands of hours of in-market and lab-based research later, GMR is proud to share that we have cracked the code for predicting brand experience ROI.

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Imagine your brand experience as a mixing board

By dialing selected levers up or down, you can isolate which components will work best for your brand, regardless of industry, environment, or audience.

The ability to manipulate the right combination of tactics and devise optimal brand experiences ensures brands will be remembered for creating positive vs negative memories. This is a true game changer for our industry.

The line forms here. Make sure people want to join yours.

+ Takeaway for Brands
The line forms here. Make sure people want to join yours.

Mind blowing experience or dull as dishwater - it almost doesn't matter. A healthy long line represents the potential for amazing, and people want in.


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Showing up isn’t the same as being all in.

+ Takeaway for Brands
Showing up isn’t the same as being all in.

People will welcome brands into environments they care about, but not if they feel othered, ignored or stereotyped. Don't be that brand. Nobody will like you.


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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

+ Takeaway for Brands
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

A bad BA is worse than no BA. Avoid becoming a social (media) pariah and treat BAs like you would treat anyone you care about. When they shine, so too will your brand.


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Getting to ROI:
Measuring the Impact of Brand Experience

GMR’s Three Factor Model assesses how a brand accommodates an individual’s sensory immersion and level of engagement in combination with a brand’s relevance to context at a given event.



The number and intensity of senses engaged within a brand experience, and to what extent they grab your attention.

Examples include which senses and the centrality of the experience (i.e. was this the main attractor or simply one of many touchpoints).



The number of touchpoints a person is encouraged to interact with. This incorporates the duration of each, and the type of content aligned to that touchpoint.

Examples include BA engagement, premium giveaways, access to talent/influencers.



The degree to which the brand and its activation aligns with the event and delivers against the audience’s passions and interests.

This accounts for brand fit at the event, the activation components and audience expectations.

Art & Science
that Delivers on
Brand & Business

We believe that our memories are like a string of lights, or what we call the String of Lights Effect™ (SOLE Science™). We know that some memories burn brighter than others, which GMR’s Three Factor Model helps us determine when curating the right experience for your brand.

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A Crystal Ball that Works? Yup.

We use the GMR Experience EQ to map human needs.

Based on the environment and the right tactics, we set your brand up for success by creating differentiated and memorable experiences. The magic is in understanding what a person is looking to get out of that experience.

Sometimes these expectations aren’t even clear to them, it’s just a feeling or an anticipation that something great is going to happen. Brands that want to dig a little deeper and get under the skin of people’s needs will ensure their experience delivers for the individual and the business.

Download the GMR Experience EQ report here.

The GMR Brand Experience Index© (GBEI) is the first ever holistic assessment on the impact of brand experience when measured against human Need States, which can accurately predict ROI.

Our 2022 inaugural edition focuses exclusively on North America, where our data collectors assessed over 550 unique activations and more than 450 brands at 55 events in 41 cities.

Many of the usual suspects like The Coca-Cola Company and American Express appear, along with a handful of unexpected brands such as the U.S. Air Force. Interestingly, some lesser known/challenger brands gave the big guys a run for their money including Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, Vital Proteins and Alaffia.

A Powerful Trifecta

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We know you’re wondering if your brand made the final cut. Download the 2022 GMR Brand Experience Index© and discover where you and/or your competitors netted out.

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“Just like the childhood memories we made with family or friends we believe that brands also have a role to play.

Given the right circumstances and carefully selected tactics, a great brand experience can easily become part of our personal repository of memories that we get to ‘revisit’ again and again, while importantly, delivering ROI for brands. You just need to know which levers to pull. And GMR does.”

Tyson Webber, President & CEO